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Local teenage moms and moms-to-be find refuge in the Louisville Teenage Parent Program schools

Renée Sturgeon, a soon-to-be mother in the Louisville Teenage Parent Program (TAPP), was not surprised when her sleep was again interrupted by the pressure on her bladder. Midnight bathroom runs had been a common occurrence throughout Renée’s pregnancy, even more so as her due date approached. But, as she rolled …

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Food Review: Seafood Lady

Soulful, Floridian-style seafood restaurants are few and far between in Louisville, so thank goodness Seafood Lady is selling well-priced seafood downtown on Oak street. On the inside, the restaurant looks like it belongs right off the boardwalk of Atlantic Beach, with its coral rugs and kitschy hanging mermaids that I …

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Louisville youth are utilizing social media to develop and promote positive self image.

  Belle Phothirath clutched her stomach as she walked steadily towards Carroll High School. The scene was innocent at first glance, giddy students buzzing with ‘first-day-of-school’ excitement, but a nightmare to 14-year-old Phothirath. Phothirath’s high school consisted of teens sporting all different looks, from spiffy, to sparkly, to spunky or …

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