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Local teenage moms and moms-to-be find refuge in the Louisville Teenage Parent Program schools

Renée Sturgeon, a soon-to-be mother in the Louisville Teenage Parent Program (TAPP), was not surprised when her sleep was again interrupted by the pressure on her bladder. Midnight bathroom runs had been a common occurrence throughout Renée’s pregnancy, even more so as her due date approached. But, as she rolled …

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YOU’RE TESTING MY LIMITS- Why do some leaders want our schools to change, and do they have a better plan for JCPS? We break down what you need to know about neighborhood schools, charters, and new leadership.

As we woke up for school on the morning of April 14, most of us were unaware of the looming changes happening within our school system. As we brushed our teeth, combed our hair, and laced our shoes, questions about the day ahead raced through our minds. Will the biology …

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The JCPS student assignment plan attempts to reduce enduring de facto segregation in Louisville

The low, methodical thump of R&B music pulsed through 17-year-old Ke Ke White’s headphones as she walked south down the sidewalk parallel to Hubbards Lane towards Mall St. Matthews. As the African-American high school senior stepped away from Waggener High School and onto the sidewalk she noticed something.

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