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Louisville youth are utilizing social media to develop and promote positive self image.

  Belle Phothirath clutched her stomach as she walked steadily towards Carroll High School. The scene was innocent at first glance, giddy students buzzing with ‘first-day-of-school’ excitement, but a nightmare to 14-year-old Phothirath. Phothirath’s high school consisted of teens sporting all different looks, from spiffy, to sparkly, to spunky or …

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Body image insecurities are all too common among teens, regardless of gender

One wall of the cozy yearbook staff room was covered by a line of computers; old spreads were strewn around the room – on chairs, on overstuffed couches, and plastered to the walls. A yearbook meeting for critiques of staff members’ spreads was taking place, and duPont Manual High School …

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