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Goodwill Hunting: Fall into Summer

 Shopping on a budget? We can help. From street style to high fashion, the “thrifted” look has become a major trend, but we know that the extensive variety and unorganized nature of a thrift store can cause some to turn and run. That’s why we spent a day in America’s most iconic thrift store: Goodwill, obviously.
JACKET: $5.49 TOP: $4.49 SKIRT: $4.49

→ The massive variety paired with minimal prices makes thrift shopping an appealing option for teenagers. There’s nothing we love more than finding the perfect piece for an affordable price – but the variety of styles in a thrift store can be daunting for some. So we decided to dedicate a few hours to searching every corner of our local Goodwill on Westport Road.

What we came out with: the perfect cute and functional outfit for less than $20.00. There’s no need to fear the sometimes-intimidating aisles of your local thrift store. All you need is dedication, patience, and perseverance!

While this outfit obviously embodies fall with flouncy layers and burnt orange tones, we chose these pieces for our spring issue because of their versatility. Drop the jacket and you have a casual, light outfit for a brunch date; drop the skirt and add some pants for the perfect work ensemble. This simply goes to show that you can achieve beautiful and well put-together outfits without breaking the bank at a department store, but with just a few dollars and some inspiration. Believe it or not, this entire outfit cost less than $20. A similar ensemble at a chain store would probably be closer to $100. •


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