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Before the Streetlights – Music Review

→ Louisville-based pop-punk band Before the Streetlights (BTS) sounds like 2005 Pete Wentz, has hair like 2007 emo, and tours like 2003 Fall Out Boy. If you don’t pay attention, you might even think they’re time travelers from ten years ago. Early 2000’s pop-punk mixes with modern aesthetic and decade-spanning …

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Food Review: Seafood Lady

Soulful, Floridian-style seafood restaurants are few and far between in Louisville, so thank goodness Seafood Lady is selling well-priced seafood downtown on Oak street. On the inside, the restaurant looks like it belongs right off the boardwalk of Atlantic Beach, with its coral rugs and kitschy hanging mermaids that I …

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Food Review: El Molcajete

As I approached El Molcajete on S 4th Street, the smell of cigarette smoke filled my nose and the feeling of uncertainty washed over me. Three men were sleeping on the sidewalk just across the street in front of a homeless shelter. The restaurant itself did not look very inviting, …

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Food Review: Check’s Cafe

Surrounded by a quaint residential area and across the street from the duPont Manual High School football stadium, Check’s Cafe is the definition of a neighborhood diner. The front patio has a welcoming family-diner feel, with a large checkered awning and multiple tables set up along the sidewalk. A large, …

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