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Emboldened by the presidential election, white supremacists are recruiting youth under the guise of the “alt-right.” Here’s what you need to know

For anyone who hasn’t seen Pepe, the cartoon is a green blob that vaguely resembles a frog, a bizarre figure that I’ve encountered from time to time passively browsing the internet. The character has been placed into a wide variety of seemingly random situations through a series of memes known …

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Louisville youth are speaking out for what they believe in, tackling everything from political candidates to police brutality.

March 1, 2016. 5:00 p.m. The police stood at attention, their hands clasped tightly behind their backs, their feet planted firmly on the concrete. They stood silently, watching. Behind them, Trump supporters yelled without restraint and hoisted signs in the air. “Build that wall! Build that wall!”

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The JCPS student assignment plan attempts to reduce enduring de facto segregation in Louisville

The low, methodical thump of R&B music pulsed through 17-year-old Ke Ke White’s headphones as she walked south down the sidewalk parallel to Hubbards Lane towards Mall St. Matthews. As the African-American high school senior stepped away from Waggener High School and onto the sidewalk she noticed something.

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Outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have stirred up this election cycle

As a high school student, I can attest that many teenagers are pretty apathetic about politics. A conventional politician, like Jeb Bush, just isn’t going to light up my demographic. Maybe that’s unfortunate, but it’s also true.

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