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On the Record is a student run newsmagazine centered around filling the void of youth voice in the media. We currently distribute citywide in Louisville and southern Indiana. Print copies of our publication can be found around the Louisville area, in notable locations such as: most Heine Brothers, Half-Price Books on Westport Rd. and Hurstbourne Pkwy., Press on Market, and Please & Thank You. Digital copies of our magazine are posted to issuu.com/ontherecordmagazine as they are released. 

We are an innovative, student-run newsmagazine that highlights Louisville’s youth perspective by reporting diverse stories from around the community. Our staff will uphold journalistic standards while engaging our audience with interesting, newsworthy articles. We aim to give our audience, Louisvillians under 25, a voice in the local media.

On the Record is also an award-winning newsmagazine, having one both a National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) Pacemaker and a Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Crown in the past year. On the Record has also been awarded by institutions such as the Western Kentucky University (WKU) Mark of Excellence and Kentucky High School Journalism Association (KHSJA) for photography, writing, and design achieved by individual members of the publication.

Meet the On the Record team:

  • Editors-in-Chief
    •  Harper Carlton is a senior at duPont Manual and Co-Editor-in-Chief of On the Record. In her free time, she enjoys writing, connecting with her friends from camp, and discovering new music. After graduating high school, Harper plans to explore film and writing at a school in an architecturally interesting city.
    • Sam Weible is a senior at duPont Manual High School and Co-Editor-in-Chief of On the Record. His trademarks are his eyebrows and his worn out Chucks he’s had since freshman year. After being hassled to write this bio for over a week, he’s decided that all the general public needs to know that he isn’t good at writing bios.
  • Editors:
    • Emily Cieminski is a senior and Director of Public Relations for On the Record. She’s best known for her baby hairs, mocha enthusiasm, and last minute lifestyle.
    • Alice Deters is a junior and the Copy Editor for On the Record; she lives for concision.
    • Sylvia Goodman a junior, is the Managing Editor. She is a very organized person and tends to wear very sophisticated-looking sweaters.  Sylvia is known as the best baker in all of Manual, and consuming her cupcakes is an honor. But honestly, she really just loves her dog, and that’s about it.
    • Will Lake  is the tallest person on staff, and likes to remind people of it. An ardent fan of Steve Irwin, Will Lake is a senior, and the Creative Director for On the Record. Relatively helpful, Will’s job entails working across sections, making sure writers, designers, and photographers all get along. Altruistic to a fault, Will really just enjoys helping people on staff.
    • Ella Mays is a junior and the Design Editor for the newsmagazine On the Record. Hip-hop is her passion! She loves to pop, and lock, jam and break!
    • Nyah Mattison is a junior and the Multimedia Editor for On the Record. In her free time she enjoys sketching, making music, and harassing her two cats, May and Evelyn. She aspires to double-major in Software Engineering and Media Arts.
    • Dillon Pinholster is a senior at duPont Manual High School, and the art director for On the Record. As an art major and never having worked on a publication like On the Record, Dillon is eager to expand his artistic comfort zone and challenge himself, and is excited to see where On the Record goes this year.
    • Jordyn Stumpf  is a senior and the Photography Editor for OTR. She has a slight- okay, actually complete-  addiction to shopping. During weekends in the fall she can be seen watching football games or playing with her yellow lab, Taylor.
  • Writers
    • Zakeya Baker is a junior at duPont Manual and a lead writer for On The Record. Zakeya, honestly, still doesn’t know what college she wants to attend. She is more of a “go with the flow” type of person and hopes that she’ll end up with a great future. Plus she’s pretty cool!
    • Lucy Calderon is a sophomore writer for On The Record. When she isn’t listening to sad spotify playlists in her room, you can find her going ham at the gym. Like how “America Runs On dunkin”, Lucy runs on Starbucks and Jewish deli sandwiches. Oy vey!
    • Audrey Champelli  is a sophomore writer for On the Record. When she is not writing or extreme organizing, you can find her cracking sarcastic “jokes” and Irish dancing. Correcting typos gives her a thrill like no other.  
    • Alex Cox is a junior at duPont Manual, a writer for On the Record, and keeper of the Maddy. She enjoys listening to music, drawing portraits, and reading.  She shows great potential in the green hair department, also in all honesty she looks fabulous in glasses. When she’s not with people, which is often, she is with her cat, Mina, and her dog, Riley.
    • Cameron Daniel is a junior and lead writer for On the Record. She’s also a dedicated employee of the highly coveted Panera Bread, and an avid internet shopper. Voted greatest person on staff and also greatest person alive by all of her peers. #Sababa
    • Jordan Gould is a senior writer for On the Record. He enjoys writing towards subjects in sports. He is very knowledgeable in sports information, and will be involved in a sports podcast that will be put on this magazine’s website. He loves his family and playing baseball for Manual.
    • Kaelyn Harris is  a junior at duPont Manual High School and a writer for On the Record. She loves playing cello, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and making friends with every cat she meets. When Kaelyn isn’t doing these things, she’s probably on Twitter fangirling over books.
    • Kim Le  is the absolutely adorable and fashionable lead writer in her junior year of high school, though she’s still being mistaken for a freshman. When she isn’t busy being thoroughly excited, she’s cuddling an alpaca plush, crying over music, or fawning over freshmen. She’s kind of an okay person sometimes.
    • Wesley Lynch is a sophomore writer for On the Record. She is an expert online shopper, a Tim Burton enthusiast, and has an immense love for sushi. Her basic attire consists of Adidas Superstars, half-up-half-down buns, and oversized t-shirts that she purchases from Goodwill.
    • Karac Medley is a junior student at DuPont Manual, and a senior writer for On The Record. He is devoted to writing and creation, scholarly pursuits, and activism. He hosts a blog at eldritchhat.tumblr.com.
    • Melissa Scianimanico  is a junior on the On the Record staff, working as the social media coordinator and as a writer. This gal was voted least likely to dislike yummy fruits like coconut and mango. Shalom! #sababa #onelove
    • Mattie Townson is a sophomore writer for On the Record. When she isn’t crying over stories portraying impossible tales of romance (usually involving Hugh Grant), she is found jamming in her room to 80s pop or planning what her perfect York home will look like. Her overuse of the words “lit” or “turn up party” and “pal” describe her personality pretty well.
    • Nicole White is a sophomore at duPont Manual High School and a new writer for On the Record. She likes eating ice and rocking out to 90s hip hop and Janis Joplin. She likes sports photography and cinematography and other things that end with “-ography.” She can also play the guitar really well.
  • Designers
    • Olivia Brotzge is a sophomore at duPont Manual and a designer for On The Record. When she isn’t watching random sfx makeup tutorials or independent films she tries (and usually fails) at writing deep, spoken word poetry. She is currently planning to make a photography studio in her bedroom because she is extra and wants people to come to her home and be her friend.
    • Maddy Williams is a junior and lead designer for On the Record. She is a walking Pinterest board/Tumblr blog, and loves Netflix, YouTube, and her two Great Danes. Maddy honestly has no idea what she’s going to do after college, but she’s got a general idea of what she wants to look into.
  • Advertising Team
    • Meghan Jewell is a member of the Ad team for On the Record. She is a senior who enjoys to hang out with friends, and to work at the bowling alley. She loves to have a good time, and she is always laughing.
    • Maya Malawi is a sophomore member of the Ad team for On the Record. She is a gym enthusiast and a huge Netflix lover. She lives for Dunkin’ Donuts and loves to laugh.
    • Maggie Stinnett  is a sophomore member of the Ad team for On the Record and a member of the Manual Field Hockey team. When not playing field hockey, she can be found coaching field hockey or watching Netflix. Lots of Netflix.
  • Photographers
    • Sarah Schmidt is a senior photographer on On the Record and a defensive player on Manual’s lacrosse team. In her spare time, she can be found either listening to awesome music or reading a cool new book.
    • Mallory Siegenthaler is a senior photographer for On the Record. She enjoys making videos from “vlogs” to short films. Subscribe for more https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9czZnXj5ad1j1fjJPFyGg 😉
    • Kelsey Wunderlich is a senior photographer for On the Record. In her free time she plays attack on the Manual Lacrosse team. When she’s not playing lacrosse, she’s reading or watching Netflix.
  • Multimedia 
    • Jediah Holman  is a sophomore, multimedia assistant for On The Record. She spends her free time dancing, exercising, reading, and playing with her cat. She refers to herself as her own “spirit animal.”
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