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On the Record is a student run newsmagazine centered around filling the void of youth voice in the media. We currently distribute citywide in Louisville and southern Indiana. Print copies of our publication can be found around the Louisville area, in notable locations such as: most Heine Brothers, Half-Price Books on Westport Rd. and Hurstbourne Pkwy., Press on Market, and Please & Thank You. Digital copies of our magazine are posted to issuu.com/ontherecordmagazine as they are released. 

We are an innovative, student-run newsmagazine that highlights Louisville’s youth perspective by reporting diverse stories from around the community. Our staff will uphold journalistic standards while engaging our audience with interesting, newsworthy articles. We aim to give our audience, Louisvillians under 25, a voice in the local media.

On the Record is also an award-winning newsmagazine, having one both a National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) Pacemaker and a Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Crown in the past year. On the Record has also been awarded by institutions such as the Western Kentucky University (WKU) Mark of Excellence and Kentucky High School Journalism Association (KHSJA) for photography, writing, and design achieved by individual members of the publication.

Meet the On the Record team:

  • Editorial Board
    • Alice Deters is the Editor-in-Chief of OTR, overseeing the magazine as a whole. She is incredibly excited to pursue architecture and philosophy in college, while continuing to build on her love for English. After school, you can find her at school, hanging around the newsroom, in the auditorium debating, or outside playing lax, bro.
    • Nyah Mattison is the Creative Director of On the Record newsmagazine, directing the multimedia department. She is pursuing a double major in computer science and economics and a career in front-end development and design. She spends her free time taking photos, making videos, and waiting for Halloween.
    • Ella Mays is the Visual Director of On the Record magazine, overseeing both the design and photography departments, and hopes to purse a career in visual communications. She spends her free time working at Nancy’s Bagel Grounds, hanging out with her friends, and participating in various community service organizations.
    • Sylvia Goodman is Managing Editor of On the Record and supervises the social media and advertising departments. She aspires towards a career in any number of fields, including law, business, or journalism. Sylvia also loves to write feature articles, illustrate, and studying new languages. Take a look at her portfolio: https://sylviagoodman.myportfolio.com/
    • Audrey Champelli is the Copy Editor for On the Record, overseeing the writers and helping them with their story’s development. She hopes to pursue a career in journalistic law or politics. In her free time, you can find her reading Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened?” and working in coffee shops with friends.
  • Assignment Editors
    • Zakeya Baker is an Assignment Editor and writer for On the Record. Her interests are found in feature writing on social/cultural issues to give people a voice. She has won WKU’s “Best News Writer” award, alongside Wesley Lynch for their 2016 story “The Speed’s Comeback.” In her free time, you can find her either with her friends and family or listening to music while working on a project. In Zakeya’s future, she hopes to pursue a career in journalism and communications writing for a magazine or being in the public relations field.
    • Olivia Brotzge is an Assignment Editor, designer and photographer for On The Record. She loves experimenting with portrait photography, especially in her DIY bedroom studio. She hopes to major in photojournalism and minor in graphic design in college and work at a publication in New York City as an adult. She has one WKU’s “MVP” award at the 2017 Journalism Xposure workshop. When not working with On The Record, she spends her time working with the staff of One Blue Wall as their design editor.
    • Lucy Calderon is an Assignment Editor and writer for on the record. Her strengths are in feature writing, and enjoys writing about social issues and how people can get involved. In her free time she is a Starbucks barista, eating, or listening to music. Lucy wants to use her writing to change the world, and inspire her team members to do the same.
    • Mattie Townson is an Assignment Editor and writer for On the Record. She hopes to pursue a career in fashion media, but for On the Record she enjoys writing about pressing issues in her community. She spends her free time watching rom-coms, online shopping, and working at the local boutique, Betty Jeffries.
  • Advertising Team
    • Maya Malawi is an Advertising Manager for On the Record. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in Marketing and Public Relations. She enjoys working out and watching Netflix in her free time, as well as spending time with her friends and drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
    • Maggie Stinnett is an Advertising Manager for On the Record. Her interests are found in Advertising and Marketing, where she plans to pursue a professional career. In her free time, she is a field hockey coach at Mockingbird Soccer Complex, and enjoys spending time with her friends.
  • Staffers
    • Sky Carroll is a sophomore writer and designer for On the Record. She enjoys writing about issues that will leave a lasting impact on readers’ hearts and minds and hopes to one day pursue a professional journalistic career. This year, Sky hopes to improve upon her design and visual creativity skills. In her free time, you can find her listening to country music, hanging with friends, or dreaming about living in NYC and jogging through Central Park every morning.
    • Mia Breitenstein is a sophomore photographer and designer. She enjoys having spontaneous photoshoots with friends and is hoping to leave her comfort zone this year. She loves portraiture photography and gets excited for opportunities to show off her creativity through both her designs and photos. In her spare time, you can find her daydreaming about the Colorado mountains or snuggling up with her beagle.
    • Jess Mays is a sophomore designer for On the Record. He enjoys designing with many colors and in many different styles, and hopes to expand his skills to be able to use different programs for designing. He enjoys playing soccer and listening to music in his free time, and toying with plans of possibly starting his own brand.
    • Patrick Harper is a sophomore and a designer for On the Record. He enjoys covering stories that focus on helping the environment and stories that give a voice to the people that don’t have one. In his free time, he is found riding his bike, playing the piano or ordering the Penne Rosa, no mushrooms or spinach of course, at Noodles and Company.
    • Cameron Daniel is a senior and a lead writer for On the Record. She enjoys to write long form features on social issues as well as cultural pieces, and hopes to attend university next year with a major in psychology. She has received a CSPA certificate of merit as well as a KHSJA first place award for her story “My New Kentucky Home?” written with Lizzie Ward. When she’s not writing a new story, she enjoys working with infants at Temple Trager Preschool, as well as attending concerts and playing music too loud in her car.
    • Karac Medley is a senior and a lead writer for On The Record. Karac prefers to write about social issues and countercultures. They have received a certificate of merit from the CSPA for their story “The People Behind The Paint,” written with Alice Deters, and they have a third place award in the CSPA gold circle awards for their story “The Young and The Fascist.” Karac aspires to write professionally, and outside of writing, they enjoy drawing and playing violin, their website is https://eldritchhat.tumblr.com/.
    • Wesley Lynch is a Lead Writer for On the Record. Her favorite topics to write about include education and editorial pieces, mainly about social and political effects on youth. She was awarded WKU’s “Best News Writer”, along with Zakeya Baker on their piece “The Speed’s Comeback”. Outside of On the Record, she works at the Temple Trager Preschool and Zoe’s Kitchen. In her free time, you can find her sipping on iced coffee with soy, spending way too much money online shopping, or hanging out with her friends.
    • Euan Dunn is a Sophomore and a writer for On The Record. He enjoys covering politics, investigative topics, and sports related stories. In his free time, he loves to live tweet left-wing talk shows, go to the gym, and listen to music.
    • Ysa Leon is a sophomore writer for On the Record. Showcasing controversial issues and unique people in Louisville are just two of her favorite things to cover. She’s a Chicago enthusiast and hopes to move there for college or in adulthood to pursue a career in journalism. In her very limited free time she enjoys relaxing to good music and iced coffee.
    • Evan Showalter is a sophomore writer for On the Record. His favorite things to cover are important, controversial topics that affect the people of Louisville. He hopes that his writing in On the Record truly makes a difference. He enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing basketball, playing with his dog, and writing. He aspires to start his own business when he is older.
    • Lauren Hunter is a sophomore photographer for On the Record. She enjoys photographing feature articles and turning those photographs into something different with added design. She hopes to leave a lasting impression on any individual who might come across her photos while giving them a clear image of what the story is about. When she is not taking photos, she loves to dance competitively, go to the gym/for a run, listen to music and try out new smoothie recipes. Lauren hopes to move to NYC and start her own interior design company in the future.
    • Ali Shackelford is a junior and a writer for On the Record. She enjoys covering politics, social issues and investigative topics. In her free time, she is either binging her favorite shows or out adventuring.
    • Cora Kirby is a junior writer and photographer for On the Record. Writing about current events and issues that are relevant in today’s society is one of her favorite topics to cover. Her goal is to pursue a career in either business or communications. Whenever she isn’t taking pictures or working on stories for On the Record, Cora enjoys playing field hockey, traveling, and adventuring outdoors.
    • Evelyn Walford is a sophomore designer and photographer for On the Record. She enjoys using her skills to create unique and impactful designs that showcase her colleagues writing. Last year she won the highest ranking award (Superior) in a contest for literary magazine photography at a high school journalism convention organized by the National Student Press Association. In her spare time, Evelyn is a member of her schools Spanish club, Y Club, is a ballet dancer at the University of Louisville School of Dance, and is a writer.
    • Noah Keckler is a sophomore photographer and videographer for On The Record. He enjoys creating content that is new and impactful in his community. He also hopes to improve his skills and learn more about Louisville in the process. When he is not behind the camera, he enjoys playing ice hockey, lacrosse and adventuring with his friends.
    • Jediah Holman, a junior, is the social media manager/writer for On the Record. She enjoys covering cultural topics, specifically in the African American community. Her goal is to make the social media sites as popular as the magazines! In her free time, she takes joy in dancing and spending time with friends and family.
    • Melissa Scianimanico is a senior writer for On the Record. She is passionate about representing youths impact on our community through her writing and giving a voice to teens involved in big picture issues. Melissa hopes to introduce a new and lasting perspective for people who read her stories. In her free time, Melissa enjoys work at The Temple Trager ECEC preschool, traveling to see friends, and making yummy vegan meals.
    • Maddie Currie is a sophomore writer and designer for On the Record. She enjoys covering social issues and environmental topics. She hopes to one day write a novel or work in publishing. In her free time, Maddie enjoys reading Stephen King, baking cookies, and playing with her puppy.
    • Ella Treinen is a sophomore writer for On the Record. She enjoys covering social issues and investigative topics in hopes that she will give a voice to people that aren’t getting a chance to be heard. Her goal is to make readers think in new ways and see new perspectives while pursuing a career in professional journalism. When she isn’t writing, Ella enjoys playing lacrosse, singing in the privacy of her room, and playing Super Mario Brothers with friends.
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